Wireless Hotspot Network

WISH Networks and Snowball have embarked on a mission to provide high speed internet coverage throughout the Cape Winelands area, in the most convenient and accessible manner possible.

Leveraging off the joint experience of both companies, whom have both been serving Stellenbosch as ISPs with a combined industry experience of 21 years, they have managed to create the best possible solution.

One of the main benefits of making use of a SWISH hotspot is that you are able to use the same Wireless Hotspot login information at any one of our widely spread hotspots.




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Key Features

  • Coverage Over Most of Stellenbosch Area

    Coverage of most multi tenant apartment buildings and restaurants in Stellenbosch

  • Easily Identified

    Connect anywhere you pick up a ‘WISH #” wi-fi signal.

  • Transactions Made Easy!

    No credit verification process, no risk of debt, or unexpected hidden costs.

  • Speeds you can work with

    Internet access at true broadband speeds (>2Mbps)

  • Test it free!

    Unrestricted 5min free trial available on all hotspots.

  • Unlimited free access to a list of sites

    Including the Stellenbosch Municipality, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch Tourism, Wikipedia, etc.

  • Tourist and visitor friendly

    Buy a voucher, connect to gain instant access around town.

  • Easy payment

    EFT, Cash, Visa & Mastercard payment options available.

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