SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate Options

SSL certiticates from Snowball provide the strongest encryption available in a variety of options designed to meet your needs, whatever they may be. Regardless of server type, number of servers, or number of domains you need secured, one of the SSL certificates listed below is right for you.

Our range of SSL certificates start at just R 199 per year.

Choosing the correct type of SSL certificate can be difficult. There are many to choose from and some are more suitable to a particular job than others. Below is more detail regarding the different SSL Certificates you get. We hope this will help you choosing the right certificate.

SSL Certificate – Domain Validated – R 199 per annum

Domain validated SSL certificates simply require that you validate your ownership of the domain by completing an approved email process.

Why will a Domain validated SSL certificates work for me?

  • Contact request form
  • Admin area log in
  • Low transaction value e-commerce websites

SSL Certificates – Wildcard – R 1995 per annum

A wildcard SSL certificate allows you to secure multiple sub-domains with a single certificate. This can be useful where you only have a single IP or multiple department URLs requiring SSL encryption. For example, you could have;,, and have one certificate, * for all the sub domains.

Why will a Wildcard SSL certificate work for me?

  • Secure multiple sub-domains
  • Single certificate covers all sub-domains
  • Compatible with all major browsers

Please Note:  All SSL Certificates require a dedicated IP. The cost of a dedicated IP is R 50 per month if your hosting service doesn’t already include a dedicated IP address.

Do you have any other questions about our SSL certificates? Contact us to speak to a specialist.