Premium Uncapped Wireless Internet

Snowball offers superior business uncapped wireless packages specifically designed to provide the best quality unshaped bandwidth to businesses.
Business related services are given the utmost priority on our network between 6am – 6pm.

Setup Fee Options

Wireless Installation (Dual polarised antenna, elbow bracket, PoE Adaptor, power supply, up to 20m cabling, up to 3hrs labour, travel)
Standard Wireless InstallationFrom R 2850N/A
Rent to Own Installation – 12 Month ContractFrom R 499R 249
Rent to Own Installation – 24 Month ContractFrom R 499R 149

We make use of dual polarized dishes for our installations, the benefit of this equipment is that it operates as if you are using two installations at once. One with horizontal polarity and one with vertical polarization.

Installation pricing is dependent on the speed and distance to high-site and will be confirmed upon desktop feasibility being completed

Router Options

Standard Wireless RouterR 500
High-Powered Wireless RouterR 1200

Optional Extras:

  • You can order a VoIP line with all our Internet services at R 49 per line
  • You can order a public IP with all our Wireless Internet services at R 50 per public IP

Please Note

  • The 20 Mbit/s speed is network dependant and is not available on all parts of our network. We cannot 100% say if you will achieve this speed until we have completed the installation. Should your speed be less than you expected you will be downgraded to a more suitable package free of charge and your price adjusted downwards.
  • Snowball’s premium service is contented 4:1. We also offer 1:1 symmetrical wireless internet and premium capped wireless.
  • For R 50 per month extra a public fixed IP can be assigned to your package. This may be required if you want to run an e-mail server and spool the e-mail directly to you, or if other network services needs to be accessible from the outside. Contact your network administrator should you have any questions about this

Ask one of our sales consultants for help choosing the right package.