Point to Point Wireless Solutions

A Point to Point Wireless connection is a high speed tunnel that is uncapped, secure, and based on symmetrical dedicated connection. It allows you to easily share your switchboard (VoIP), accounting program (Pastel, etc.) and network data.

VPNs are ideal for connecting multiple branches of the same firm and also very popular for home users who need to connect securely to their office.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Available in Snowball’s wireless coverage areas

    Our coverage ranges from Muizenberg all the way to Wellington. See our full coverage map here

  • 100% uncapped and unshaped

    Send as much as you like as fast as you like, with no limitations!


    This offering has equally fast upload and download speeds.

  • Ideal for VoIP applications

    Check out our amazing VoIP service offering here

  • Perfect for connecting your business branches

    Build a link between all your branches to share items with ease!

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