Home Uncapped ADSL Data

Snowball brings you the most affordable uncapped Home ADSL packages in South Africa.

Prices start from only R 295 and you can use as much data as you like at a fixed monthly cost.

Please note: Excludes Telkom ADSL line rental (click here for ADSL line options)

Router/Switch Options

5-port SwicthR 350
8-port SwitchR 450
Wireless/ADSL RouterR 1300

For all ADSL purposes we make use of Tenda products. We offer the D301 Modem ADSL/Wireless router for ADSL clients for either business or home use, more information on this router can be found here. When it comes to switches we have one of two options available, either the 5-port or 8-port switch, more on the 5-port can be found here and on the 8-port here.

Please Note

  • The 4096 Lite is managed at 50% of the average and is designed for light users who still require high speed access to the internet. This means if your usage falls within the first 50% of the average users usage your service will remain unshaped.
  • Accounts are unshaped but subjected to our Fair Use Policy (FUP) For more information on our FUP read our terms of service
  • Our uncapped ADSL  accounts will never be capped. However, our uncapped service is not designed for people using computer programs running 24/7 continuously downloading. If you intentions are to download 24/7 then these accounts are not for you and you might want to look at our ADSL Capped Data Packages.
  • Only one concurrent connections is able to be run at a time.
  • The IP addresses are dynamic.

Not sure what the maximum line speed is in your area?