Bulkmail Solutions (Pay-as-you-go)

By choosing the pay-as-you-go option you are able to make use of your credits when you please without needing to pay a set monthly fee! Your credits are valid until they are used up, perfect for those of you who only have the occasional mailer to send out.

Sign up for a free 21 day trial and see for yourself how easy it is to send newsletters, announcements or promotions to your existing client base.

With our Bulkmail solution you can…

  • Setup your own Auto responders!

    With Bulkmail you are able to setup email series based on certain triggers such as subscriber info or email clicks.

  • Create recurring email campaigns

    With Bulkmail you are able to schedule recurring emails to be sent. For example a “Every Friday”, where you can even fetch email content remotely.

  • Make use of smart segments

    By creating smart segments which are based on subscriber activity, you can use these segments to target your emails more accurately.

  • Built-in subscription form designer

    You can even design your own newsletter subscription form quickly and easily and place this form on your website to get new subscribers just as easily!

  • A/B testing, for better results!

    You can run a/b tests on your emails and let Bulkmail decide the winner email based on certain conditions, this then allows you to get more ‘opens’ dependent on the results!

  • Email marketing reports

    You can use these reports to; track email opens, link clicks, unsubscriptions, invalid email addresses and spam complaints. Allowing you to perfect the ultimate emailing campaign.

You can download our Bulkmail user manual here.

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