Snowball Number Porting Guide

Just like you are able to port your cell phone number to another provider, you can port your Telkom / other VoIP provider number to Snowball.  This is called Geographic Number Portability and is available on both fixed and mobile networks.

 Snowball is your ideal partner for porting your old telephone number to a new voice over IP service. We pride ourselves in being a market leader by being one of the first companies able to offer this service.

This service is offered at a once-off fee of R 150.

Number porting requirements

  • Telkom account up-to-date.
  • First three pages of Telkom account
  • Letter Addressed to Telkom stating you wish to port your number to Snowball Switch Telecom (Provide Telkom Number)

Please Note: If the number you are porting is attached to your ADSL line you must either choose to have a new number provided or cancel the ADSL line as porting your number to Snowball Switch Telecom cancels all services with Telkom.

Draft letter to Telkom or old provider

Your letterhead

To Whom It May Concern

We hereby wish to port our number to Snowball Switch Telecom. The numbers we wish to port are:

  • 021 555-1234
  • 021 555-1235

yours sincerely,

Your Signature

Do you need assistance in porting your number?