Base Building Block

Billing System featuring:

  • Automated signups
  • Easy recurring billing
  • Configurable options when ordering
  • Keep track of support tickets
  • Radius compatible
  • MikroTik compatible
  • WHMCS compatible
  • API allows product creation, product suspension, product deletion, upgrade/downgrade

Support Features

  • Log ticket
  • Check ticket online

Clients can:

  • Check invoices online
  • See their statements online
  • Give notice on services
  • Sign up for new products

ISP Scripts

  • Mega log file
  • Cap user
  • Uncap user

Web based Marketing Front-end

  • Works with all WordPress plugins
  • Live viewing of billing system data using comparison tables and sliders [image]

MikroTik Features

  • Check radio signal strength
  • Disconnect user from network
  • Check usage

ADSL Features

  • Cap user
  • Check usage
  • Usage graph
  • Cybersmart Account Provisioning
  • Web Africa Account Provisioning

Cybersmart Features

  • Create user
  • Terminate user
  • Suspend user
  • Audit

Radius Features

  • See how long user is online
  • Change package
  • Upgrade package

Field Staff Co-ordinator

  • Assign tickets to the calendar for staff who do work on site
  • Tickets are replicated to their Android device
Base Building Block – Billing System$ 49 per month which includes:
Billing system
Your own VPS running CentOS
Field Staff Co-ordinator Plugin$ 49 per month