FoIP Line Service

Not only can you have VoIP services, you may also use fax services over your wired or wireless broadband Internet connection.

We have a number of broadband services from Uncapped Business Wireless packages to Fibre Internet.

By making use of a VoIP service, you can have it moved without requiring a change of telephone number. We can supply either Geographic or Non-Geographic numbers or alternatively you can keep your existing Fax Number and port it onto our network.

Standard FoIP Line Service
Monthly FeeR 49
Setup FeeFree
ContractMonthly (30-day notice period)

Key Features Include

T.38 Fax Protocol – ensures real time faxing
One Telephone Number
Unbeatable local and International call rates.
You can even keep your Telkom number by porting it


A Fax Machine and Analogue Phone Adapter (ATA).
Reliable Broadband internet connection.

Broadband Internet Connections Available From Snowball

Home Capped Wireless
Business Capped Wireless
Home Uncapped Wireless
Business Uncapped Wireless
Capped ADSL
Home Uncapped ADSL
Business Uncapped ADSL
Corporate Uncapped ADSL

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