Wireless Equipment Guarantee

– Upon activation and installation of wireless equipment, we offer up to 12 (twelve) months guarantee on all equipment with the exception of any physical negligence done to the equipment.

– Following the 12 (twelve) months period, the equipment, which was purchased upon installation, becomes the property of the client and therefore the responsibility of the client.

– In the event that the client has opted for the rent-to-own option (12(twelve) or 24 (twenty four) months), the same 12 (twelve) month guarantee policy of Snowball apply, however the equipment only becomes the client’s property upon final payment of the rent-to-town has been received.

– All changes / improvements / repairs to the equipment are for the client’s account unless the damage / fault is as a result of the company’s negligence.

– The high site equipment is always the responsibility and property of the company and the client will never be held responsible for any changes / repairs needed on the high site.

– It is standard policy for clients to be pre-advised of any potential costs in either the form of a formal quote, when the exact fault is known, or an estimate, when an onsite evaluation is required.


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