Possible reasons for slow internet

The article will explain various factors that could affect the speed of your internet.

Network Congestion

First of all ensure that you isolate your connection to test when only you are on the line.

If you work in a business, you should probably do speed testing after hours.

Use a tool such as http://www.speedtest.net to see if the link is and how it compares to what you have been given by your ISP.

If you are a Snowball wireless client, do a speed test to Snowball’s speed test server first, as this will test the quality of your link between our data centre in Technopark Stellenbosch, the various high sites, and your premises. Snowball’s speed test can be found here:


Ensure that no big downloads are currently happening.

Snowball has a facility to monitor the quality to each and every individual client. You may contact our help desk to have this set up or to retrieve your latest statistics.

Bear in mind also if you have home or business, as business  is prioritised between 6AM and 6PM.

Network congestion may occur between your antenna and the high site, or the high site and the other networks that form the internet.

When the network has congestion, the speeds are slowed down due to multiple connections trying to access the network at the same time.

Snowball networks are built to handle high numbers of connections, but a drop in speed can still occur. Peak hours could be an excellent example of this – think of it like slow moving traffic after 5PM, when everybody leaves work to go home.

Network congestion however is only temporary.

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