Clients who have hosting with Snowball sometimes receive a website hosting notification regarding limits reached.

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The website hosting notification is generated when either the allocated disk space for your hosting package has been used in full or you have exceeded the traffic limit.

Disk space

This refers to space you can use to store files such as pictures for your website, on one of our servers here at Snowball.

One of the main causes for overuse billing is due to the fact that there are e-mails linked to your hosting that have not been deleted and that are taking up space, or mail that hasn’t been downloaded from the mailbox yet. This will eventually take up space and you will be billed for overuse.


This refers to the activity on your domain such as emails sent to and from addresses registered to this domain – eg. if your domain is Everytime you receive or send an email, this is measured as traffic. Also when someone visits your website, this is measured as traffic to the site.

Over usage will not cause your domain/s to be suspended, we will simply bill you per month for the amount used extra for disk space and for traffic. Alternatively you are welcome to upgrade to the next level hosting package which offers more disk space and a higher traffic limit.

Comparisons are available:

for Linux, or

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for Windows.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Accounts Department:

Contact can be made as follows:


Telephonic: 021 880 2228 option 3, option 1

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