VoIP Services Cancellations

Please note that should you require your VoIP services cancelled, a 30 (thirty) day notice period is applicable as well as any outstanding billing within the 30 (thirty) day time frame.

As Snowball is a reseller for this product, you will need to request a separate cancellation for VoIP Services Cancellations.

An email should be sent to accounts@snowball.co.za to request that the VoIP services be discontinued and cancelled with the supplier. If you are unable to email Snowball, please send a fax to: +27 (021) 880-2229 (fax) as we will require this request in writing.

Snowball will process the cancellation with the supplier on your behalf once the cancellation email has been received.

All of the details can also be found in our “Snowball’s Terms of Service” or alternatively follow the link: https://www.snowball.co.za/company/legal/tos


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