This article will explain the best way to set up your modem to ensure its wireless (Wi-Fi) network signal is as strong as possible.

Placement of your modem

  1. Put your modem / router in a clear, central place in your home. A typical wireless signal has a range of about 30 metres, but this distance can be reduced by a large amount of obstacles (e.g. walls, cupboards) between you and your modem.
  2. If you have a larger area you’d like covered by your wireless network, you may want to buy a wireless signal extender. This device will plug into a power outlet and relay your wireless signal over a longer distance.
  3. Avoid keeping your modem on the floor – it should be elevated on a shelf or desk to reduce signal interference.
  4. Keep your modem away from any trees, plants, microwaves, metal objects and also any other devices that broadcast a wireless signal. Try to avoid having these obstacles between you and your modem while you’re using the wireless internet.

Changing your wireless network mode

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