When you have a domain hosted by Snowball, there will always be a hosting package assigned. These packages differ in price and have certain limits assigned covering disk-space, traffic, databases, etc. In a case where any one of these resourse limits are exceeded, you might receive a mail like this:

From: Snowball CP1 Automated Message [mailto:control_panel@snowball.co.za] 
Sent: 29 June 2012 08:31 AM
To: info@domain.co.za
Subject: Notification: Resource limits exceeded by client account.

The ‘Homer Simpson’ account is approaching or already exceeded the limits:

Traffic: 545.21 MB/month used / 480.00 MB/month limit

There are 3 ways to go around this problem:

1. Ask the hosting department to allow overuse (you will get charged for the amount overused every month)

2. Remove some emails / webfiles not used anymore to free up some space

3. Upgrade your domain’s hosting package to  a better suitable one


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