1. Go to www.snowball.co.za
  2. Click on the red link on the right hand side of the page “order online”
  3. Click on the drop down menu and select “domain registration” which will be on the bottom of the list
  4. Keep the dot ticked as “I want Snowball to register a new domain for me.” Please type in the desired domain name in the block provided.
  5. “Availability check” will inform you as to whether the domain is available.
  6. Click on “add to cart”
  7. Please select the red icon “[No Hosting! Click to Add]” this will take you to product selection tab again to choose your desired operating system which would either be “Linux hosting” or “Windows Hosting”

When registering a domain it is important to add a product to the domain registration. This will allow the domain to have a product to point to. If not, the domain will “hang” and will not be registered properly. Should you not have a choice of a proper product yet, you are also welcome to select “domain parking” which will then allow the domain to register completely.

  • Once you have chosen your desired product, click on “order now” example: “domain parking”
  • Keep the dot ticked as “Use a domain already in my shopping cart” select “click to continue”
  • Please select “checkout”
  • Please provide as much information as possible in the blocks provided for you.
  • Select “complete order”

This will create a pending order on the our system which will then allow us to view your order and process the order as soon as possible.


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