With Parallels Plesk Automation, email management could never be easier. With a few steps you can quickly create email addresses, setup forwarding and even auto replies – all in a matter of a few minutes.

1. Log onto your Control Panel using the details provided


Username: [username]

Password: [password]


2. Go to the ‘Mail’ Tab in the top menu

mail ppa

3. If you would like to create a new email address, simply select ‘Create  Email Address’.



3. In this menu, you can specify the name of the email address as well as the password . PPA will rate the password strenght with a bar to the right of the password field. Always be sure to select a strong password.

4. Should you would like your new email address to forward copies of emails to another mail address, you can select the ‘Forwarding’ Tab.


5. From there you can switch on the mail forwarding feature and enter a destination mail address.

6. Should you want to remove an email address, you can tick the email address and select ‘Remove’. Please note that once an email address is removed, all mails attached will be permanently deleted.



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