Snowball has a facility where clients can do Internet Data Top Ups on their own accounts. This facility is available 24-hours a day.

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Internet Data Top Ups Through Our Website 

  1. Go to our website (Snowball’s web site will still load even if you are capped).
  2. Enter your product username and password in the login block provided.
  3. If you do not remember your password, you can send an SMS password reminder request from our online request page
  4. Once you have retrieved the details, enter them in the login box displayed
  5. Select the preferred amount of data to be loaded and click continue.

Alternatively, you may request the top up by SMS:

Internet Data Top Ups

  1. Send the following text “topup {$service_username} {$service_password}” to 32015*.
  2. You will receive a return message to notify you if your top-up was successful or not. Your account will be topped up with 1GB prepaid bandwidth.
  3. If you do not receive the confirmation message, do not attempt a second top up as this might generate an additional top up.

Please Note: SMSes are charged @ R1.00 per SMS

You will be able to pay via EFT, however this top up option is limited to clients with no overdue invoices.

For convenience, please download the Debit Order Application form here and fax a completed copy to us at +27 (0)21 8802229.

Please note that if you are paying by EFT or credit card and there are any overdue invoices, your top up will not be successful. If you are paying by debit order, your account will be topped up immediately.

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