Parallels Plesk Automation allows you to easily setup a Spam filter  for better control and security across your email accounts.  

1. Log onto your Control Panel using the details provided by Snowball:

Username: [username]

Password: [password]

2. Go to the ‘Mail’ Tab in the top menu

3. Select the email account

4. Select the Spam filter option at the top menu

spam filter

spam filter

5. Tick Switch on spam filtering for this email address

6. You can specify a certain line in the subject of the message to mark the email as Spam or Delete the message completely. Alternatively, you can leave the line blank (by default) and let the Spam filter assign a number to the message. This is configurable under ‘Advanced Settings’.

7. Spam filter performs a number of different tests on contents and subject line of each message. As a result, each message scores a number of points. The higher the number, the more likely a message is spam.

8. You can also black list or white list email accounts in the ‘Advanced’ section.



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