Step by Step Guide to Setting up an Netgear ADSL Router

ADSL Settings

Here is step by step instructions to configure your ADSL account:

1. Make sure that the Netgear router is plugged into PC on its own (PC must not be connected to the Internet).

2. Use your web browser and access Netgear’s setup GUI by typing in the default IP address ( or

3. If prompted the default username is “admin” and password is “password”

4. This will display the main window for the router’s configuration.

5. Go to Setup Wizard and then Basic Settings and configure the following.

  • Encapsulation > PPPoE(PPP over Ethernet)
  • Login > client@snowdsluncapped
  • Password > password
  • Now click Apply

6. Go to ADSL Settings

  • Multiplexing Method > LLC-BASED
  • VPI > 8
  • VCI > 35
  • Click Apply

Wireless Settings

Go to Wireless Settings

  • Name (SSID) > Whatever you prefer (SnowWifi)
  • Region > South Africa
  • Channel > Default setiing
  • Mode > Deafult setting
  • Security Type > WEP
  • Click Apply

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