Domain Renewals: Late Payment thereof 

Late Payment for Domain Renewals  Late Payment for Domain Renewals

In order to avoid having your domain suspended due to Late Payment for Domain Renewals, please ensure you make payment prior to the due dates stated on the invoice for the renewal.

If you are a debit order payee customer, no manual payments will be needed as the Domain renewal invoice will be included in your debit order before the domain has to be renewed.

Our system automatically sends out Domain renewal notifications to all our Domain holding customers to avoid Late Payment for Domain Renewals.

Failure to do so may result in the domain becoming suspended and even being purchased by another entity while unpaid.

Our renewal notices and invoices are sent out more than 30 days in advance, so ensure that your listed email address is the correct one with which to reach you.

Once we receive payment for the specified Domain, our system automatically renew’s the Domain for 1 (one) year after the due date, no manual intervention is required.

If you do wish to cancel or transfer the domain, please view our ” Hosting cancellation and transfer policy” or follow the link to terms of Services :


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