This article will guide you through the troubleshooting for being unable to make or receive calls on a VoIP phone service..


  • You can’t make and/or receive calls.
  • Your modem may have and unlit, orange or red light at the VoIP connection.

Things to check

Check that your VoIP issue isn’t being caused by the following before proceeding with the troubleshooting:

No internet conncetion Confirm that you can get online. VoIP services need a working internet service: you need to troubleshoot internet issues before focusing on any VoIP issues.
Faulty hardware Ensure that all cables and handsets used for your VoIP service are undamaged and plugged in securely. Function lights indicate hardware status and availability of service.
Insufficient power to handset Ensure that the handset used for your VoIP service has sufficient power, particularly if it is cordless and uses batteries. Only rechargeable batteries should be used in a cordless handset.


*The instructions used here should work for any standard router/modems.

In your modem’s manual the steps for adding/editing a VoIP phone should be better set out.

1. Open the router settings in your browser.

2. Log in with the default username and password of the router. If you changed the default settings then use them instead.

3. In the VoIP field on the router, check the VoIP Registration status next to “Line 1″. It should say “Registration Up”.

4. Here is a list of other registrations statuses that may appear.

Idle No VoIP service has been registered Use the details in the VoIP activation email we sent you and follow the set-up process to register the service.
Initializing VoIP service is initializing, or the internet connection is down. Confirm that you can browse to a website. If you can’t, troubleshoot your internet connection. If you saved new VoIP settings recently, allow 5-10 minutes before refreshing the page.
Incorrect Password VoIP password entered incorrectly Check the VoIP password in the activation email we sent you and then re-enter your password. Passwords are case-sensitive.
Incorrect Username VoIP phone number entered incorrectly Check the VoIP phone number (username) in the activation email we sent you and then re-enter your VoIP number with no spaces or brackets.

5. If you VoIP registration is still “initializing” 5-10 minutes after you’ve saved your VoIP settings, try restarting your modem.

6. If your VoIP registration status still doesn’t say “Up”, please call our Support Team on (021) 880-2228 for a hand.

7. If your VoIP registration Status is “Up”, but you still can’t make or receive calls, try plugging in a different handset for your VoIP service.

8. After plugging in a different handset, check your VoIP Registration status before attempting a test call. In some cases, it may take a few minutes for the new handset to register, or the modem may need to be restarted.

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