Cancellation of Snowball Services: how-to

Below is an explanation on the cancellation procedure to follow when cancelling a service with Snowball.

Please note you need to give 1(one) calendar months notice in writing to Snowball’s Accounts Department via for cancellation of any services except for Co location Server Hosting Solutions with sizes 23U and 43U. whereby 6 / 12 months apply.

How to steps:

Step 1: Log into our client area – (if you do not know how to log in please read ” Client Area: how-to access”)

Step 2: Click on the link in the top navigation called ‘Services’

Step 3: Locate the service you want to cancel and click on the view details icon on the right hand side that looks like this – 

Step 4: Click on the button at the bottom of that page called ‘Request Cancellation’

Step 5: Briefly Describe your reason for Cancellation

Step 6: Choose Cancellation Type, ‘Immediate’ or ‘End of Billing Period’.

Please note that even if you choose ‘Immediate’ you are still liable for payment till the end of the billing period. Snowball has a 30-day cancellation policy.

Step 7: Finally press the ‘Request Cancellation’ button

You will receive a Cancellation Request Confirmation to the registered email address on your Snowball account.


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