All about quota and shaping

This article will answer some frequently asked questions about data quotas and the shaping process used for ADSL, Wireless and Fibre.

What is quota?

‘Quota’ is the amount of data you may use each month as a part of your internet plan. Whenever you use the internet (e.g. look at websites, upload or download files, watch videos) data traffic passes through your internet connection and is counted towards your monthly quota.

How can I view my quota?

Quota usage can be viewed on the Usage and Notifications page.

What happens if I exceed my quota?

If you exceed your quota on a current ADSL or Wireless plan, you will not incur any excess data fees. The line will go into a temporary suspended status. Your internet speeds and line will return to normal when your quota resets.

What is counted towards my monthly quota?

All current  plans have both downloads and uploads counted towards their monthly quota.

Usage of the following services through your Snowball ADSL or Wireless connection are not counted towards your quota:

  • Snowball Speed Test
  • Snowball Webpage

What happens to my quota if I change plans in the middle of a billing cycle?

If you decide to top up with data in the middle of the month, that data that is not used of the additional quota will be carried forward into the new month.

Does Snowball offer any plans with unlimited quota?

Yes, we do! You can inquire about this by phoning us at 021 880 2228 or by email

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