Payment on additional invoices

As per the terms on our service application forms, please note that you are in agreement to accept any additional invoices with relevant charges submitted against your account, not included in the monthly service invoices.

This may include top up invoices, job card invoices, or invoices related to overuse for hosting services.

Please note if any work needs to be done at your premises, please ensure to be present as a Job card has to signed off which will also stipulate the following costs. If any additional costs apply (for equipment or cabling used), it would have been advised within the Call out ticket, or on the day by the technician or as per quote sent to the client from.

STD Labour ( R 57.000 per hour)

IT Support Labour ( R 820.00 per hour)

Specialized Labour ( R 1070.00 per hour)

Travel Charge (R 5.00 per Km)

For any queries on any charges or billing, please contact our Account department on: +27 (021) 880-2228 (office) or

All of the above can also be found in “Snowball’s Terms of Service” or follow the link:





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