Data Centre Overview

Snowball’s data centre is ideally situated at GMT+2 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Nearby is Cape Town, an international city that buzzes throughout the year. Many international firms have established a foothold here and many technology skills are available. Snowball’s data centre is ideal for your primary or secondary (backup) data centre needs.

Our first facility was built in 1998 and this is our third iteration. Particular care was taken with regards to power redundancy and we are proud of the 100% power uptime we have had since inception in 2010. Over 1300 environmental and IP parameters are monitored on a 24×7 basis in order to ensure the smooth running of the data centre and the network.

100% Power Uptime

Superior Connectivity

A map of Africa showing all the fibre optic cables that are under the ocean

We are connected to all major backbones in South Africa, and very low latency is achieved to other data centres such as Teraco, Telkom, Neotel, and NAPAfrica.

In addition to superior local connectivity, Snowball also connects to all major fibre routes running through Africa, including SAT3/SAFE, Seacom and WACS.

Technical Features

  • Power

    A redundant UPS system and A/B power feeds to each cabinet ensures maximum protection against power issues.

  • Generator

    A primary generator and standby facility has been implemented for added protection.

  • Cooling

    A redundant cooling system ensures that even if maintenance is required the data centre will function at optimal temperature. The cooling system is connected to our redundant power feed meaning that even if there is an outage the data centre will run at it’s optimal temperature.

  • Dust Free

    A unique low pressure ventilation system ensures that the data centre is always dust free.

  • Biometric Access Control

    Entry to the building and to the data centre is controlled using biometric access control. All events are logged. After identity verification colocation clients may be added to our biometric access control system for ease of access.

  • CCTV

    Access to the building and all movements in the data centre are monitored using an advanced CCTV system.

  • Fire Safety

    Fire suppression and zero rated fire walls protect the inside and outside of the data centre.

  • Monitoring

    Dedicated teams monitor the data centre 24×7 using advanced systems management tools.

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