Siemens A510 IP

Siemens A510 IP

    • Supports both Switch Telecom VoIP lines and a Telkom land-line using the same handset(s).
    • Up to six handsets per base and up to two VoIP calls (plus one PSTN call) at once.
    • Internal transfers calls between handsets.
    • Phone Book (150 Names) and Missed Call List (25 Numbers).
    • Hands free speaker phone. High Definition Sound Performance. ECO DECT.
    • Range – 50m indoors; 300m outdoors.
    • Illuminated mono display. (Orange/red/green/blue selectable on A510IP/A510H).

 Note: The Siemens A510IP includes a base and one handset.


Siemens A510IP plus Additional Handset Bundle


Siemens A510H

    • Illuminated Mono Display.
    • Compatible with A510 IP & A580 IP.
    • 210 hour standby, 25 hour talk time.

Note: This cannot operate on its own; it requires a Siemens A510 IP base.

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Yealink W52P Business DECT Phone

    • Exceptional HD audio with Wideband Technology
    • Up to 4 simultaneous external calls
    • Up to 5 DECT cordless handsets
    • Up to 5 VoIP accounts
    • 1.8” colour display
    • Intuitive user Interface
    • Up to 10 hours talk time
    • Up to 120 hours standby time
    • Integrated PoE
    • Desktop or wall mountable

 Note: The Yealink W52P includes a base and one handset.

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Yealink W52P + Additional Handset Bundle

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Yealink W52P Additional Handset

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