Realise Savings by Using Voice over IP

Package 1 – Per Minute Billing

Calls charged in 30-second increments with a minimum of 60 seconds.

Telkom’s minimum charge is R0.63. Saving calculated on an average mix of long and short.

On Same NetworkR 0.15R 0.4669%
LocalR 0.27R 0.4642%
NationalR 0.27R 0.4642%
MobileR 0.49R 1.3062%

Package 2 – Per Second Billing

Calls charged per second from the first second.

Savings are based on both the rates and the benefit of per-second billing.

On Same NetworkR 0.17R 0.4669%
LocalR 0.30R 0.4645%
NationalR 0.30R 0.4645%
MobileR 0.59R 1.3064%

All rates are quoted per-minute.
Peak – Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm
Off-Peak – all other times

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