Bulk Email Solution Features

Bulk Email Features

Easy Email Template Builder

Paste your email template HTML code and set editable regions, repeating regions as well as linked sections on your email let. Prevent your users to change the layout.

Bulk Email Features 4

Test Your Email Design (optional)

With the Snowball Bulkmailer’s built-in integration with PreviewMyEmail.com service let’s you test your email designs with a single mouse click.

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Smart Segmentation

Create list segments based on subscriber information and activity such as specific link clicks, email opens, etc.

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Full Featured Rich Text Editor

The Snowball Bulkmailer comes with a full featured rich text editor that allows you to create email contents on the fly without need to use a professional HTML editor.

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Subscriber List Management

Each list has its own private settings for custom fields, segments, auto responders, web service integrations, subscribers, etc. Manage your lists easily by using the Snowball Bulkmailer’s user management screen.

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Campaign Management

Create campaigns and send them to multiple lists or list segments. Set different email contents, preview them on your web browser, publish your campaigns via RSS feeds and archive them.

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Campaign Statistics

The Snowball Bulkmailer provides you detailed campaign statistics including email open statistics, link clicks, email forwards, unsubscriptions, bounce detections, spam complaints, browser views and more.

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