Social Media Pop Quiz.

It’s high time we do something a little different, so today we’ve put together a fun Social Media Pop Quiz. Do you consider yourself a social media junkie?  Well let’s see how clued up you are really? To make things a little more interesting, a few of these questions will come from our past social […]

10 Tips for your Facebook Business Page.

We’ve complied these 10 Tips for your Facebook Business Page and will come in very handy one of these days. 1. Provide enough information about your business This is a vital step of setting up your page. Before starting on content, ensure that you display all important info about your business up front. Give an […]

What is Facebook Edgerank?

  Facebook has become a major part in any Internet Marketing strategy and for good reason too. With 1.06 Billion monthly active users, whom you can target directly, its a gold mine! Facebook offers many great advertising and engagement features from Facebook Ads to Facebook Offers, but not everyone can afford these. So, if you […]

20 Signs That You Might Be a Facebook Addict.

1. You like things in real life   Needing to interrupt a friend’s story to shout “LIKE!” and giving a thumbs up is a sure sign you’ve sold your soul and have turned into a Facebook addict. It’s never cool. Ever. Even when you’re being ironic. Don’t go there, guy.   2. You’ve changed your […]