Shared Hosting – Get in the game!

The concept of shared hosting may leave you confuzzled, but not to worry as Simon van der Merwe, a skilled member of our techie team, breaks it down for you. Hosting is a service that allows you access to your website or other domain services (such as emailing etc.) via the internet. Shared hosting in […]

VPS Hosting for the layman (and tech savvy woman).

In a pecan shell, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is a type of server hosting that enables websites and dedicated online applications to be hosted on the same physical machine. However, it allows the services to be completely independent – as if each were on its own separate                   […]

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Why Choose Cloud Hosting.

Virtual server hosting is only the greatest innovation to the internet, so why aren’t you taking part in it? Gain all the benefits and control of having a server without having to physical house the product. Servers are noisy, they give off heat, they take up space, and they increase your power bill. If they […]