Vine – Twitter’s very own video sharing application.


Social Media sites are a dime a dozen, and there are only a handful which are truly successful. Web designers are finding new and interesting ways to get their target audience to engage with their social media network. Facebook encourages their users to like and comment on each others posts, whilst having a very successful platform for businesses. Google + introduced hangouts, which allow users to join in conversations they may be interested in through chats and video streaming. Twitter allows for short messages to be broadcast out into the world for all to see, and they have recently

What is Vine exactly?


Vine is a video sharing app created by Twitter. It is not your usual video sharing app, it only allows you to record 6.5 seconds in total. Now i know what you must be thinking; 6.5 seconds? What’s the point? Well you see the trick is that you may record any period of time, a millisecond, a tenth of a second, you name it!  As long as you keep the total amount of time recorded to 6 seconds or less.

How does it work?



Twitter is very serious about building Vine up to its full potential, and for that reason they only allow the app to be downloaded by iOS and android users. This application is rather similar to Instagram, as it shows you a scrollable feed of all your friends’ vine on the home screen. As with most social media platforms you have your own profile page, which is customizable upon sign up. Twitter does try and assist with your profile and loads all existing data from your Twitter account, onto your Vine account.

As you begin filming, the app will ask that you hold your finger down on the screen or button for 1 to 2 seconds. After that, it will ask you to repeat this twice more to create a full 6.5 second video. Thereafter you are able to film for whatever duration you desire.

Vine vs Instagram Video, is there even a difference?


Well for starters; Vine videos, as we know, are approximately 6.5 seconds long. Believe it or not, but the guys over at Twitter actually put a lot of research and science into coming up with that number, according to them it forces the creator to think outside the box to tell their story. Much the same as the 160 characters allowed for a tweet.

Instagram on the other hand allows you to create videos of up to 15 seconds. This may seem rather long to the viewer, but is rather roomy and comfortable for the creator.

Secondly their editability; both applications allow you to film multiple, disjointed clips and put them together. One major difference between the two, is that Instagram allows the user to retake the last shot of the series, allowing you to make sure each shot is up to scratch. Vine on the other hand, has more faith in their users and only gives you one shot at making the perfect combination.

Neither application allows you to use pre-filmed footage, they insist on you using their applications for all video making purposes, they do however allow you to save the video on your device for later use.

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