Using Facebook Graph Search For Networking

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search was created to allow users the opportunity to explore Facebook’s wide range of information about people. Not sure what Graph Search is?

A ton of information, under one roof.


Facebook knows just about everything about every one of its users, from your favorite book titles, to where you attended primary school. If you’ve put it on Facebook, they have record of it. Its surprising that its taken this long to create a social graph enabled search engine.

For those of you who are serious about your career, just think of all the possibilities for networking this feature now opens up. As they say it’s not only about WHAT you know, it’s also about WHO you know.

A recruiting agency in California called Work4 has already begun using this tool to their advantage. They’ve done this by offering recruiters a searching solution which leverages Facebook’s one billion users to fill jobs.

Expand your first degree network.


Facebook Graph Search makes use of search phrases instead of keywords and allows you to discover all kinds of people both in and outside your current network.

Allow me to explain; if you are targeting a company to work for and would like to know if people in your network work their, simply try using one of the following phrases:

  • Friends who work at (company)
  • People who live in (location) who work at (company)
  • Companies my friends like who live in (location)

Graph Search can be used for just about anything!


Looking for a Mexican restaurant near you? Well assuming restaurants have made the right choice and have registered a Facebook business page, you can simply type a custom search phrase and Facebook will do the rest.

For example:

Facebook Graph Search

But be warned, results aren’t always accurate.


Not everything people like on Facebook are what they actually like. Much the same as plenty of people like things which they haven’t liked on Facebook.

As with any new social media tool, I’m pretty sure that soon enough businesses will try to gain artificial likes to boost their brand awareness, this too will skew the results even more. Not to mention a lot of Facebook users do not fill out their “About Me” work and education histories completely.

That being said, there is still plenty of interesting information to be found with this tool. See what search phrases you can come up with, and see what Facebook offers in return.

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