Twitter etiquette, the Do’s and Don’ts.

Twitter etiquette

Lets face it, we are now in the Digital Era, gone are the days that the only etiquette you needed to know was which fork to use with your meal, or not to drink red wine out of a water glass, come on, don’t be that guy.  Social media has become a part of each of our lives in some or other way and Twitter, being as it is a microblogging platform, has become one of the most influential platforms out there.

The idea behind Twitter etiquette is to share your thoughts and feelings with the well over 200 Million Tweeters out there. If you are lucky, you are rewarded for your efforts by building up followers who actually want to listen. On the flip side, violating the unwritten rules that make up the world of social media, then you might just be driving said followers away.

Lets take a look at the etiquette that is expected of all Tweeters.



Always remember that even if your Twitter account is set to private the Internet has a sneaky way of showing your content to the world. That being said, keep in mind that when writing content for Twitter, think to yourself “Can my mother read this?” If the answer is no, then rewrite it until you get a resounding YES!

When putting together Twitter content here are some aspects to keep in mind:

  • Hashtagging – Hashtags were introduced to connect your tweet to a larger conversation, but lets not take it too far. Too many hashtags can look rather messy and could even make you come across as a bit of a spammer.

Twitter etiquette

  • Spoilers – Now this is a given, if you’ve seen something before your mates, don’t go and spread the word long before your friends and followers get the chance to experience it for themselves. So you know the results of the latest Springbok game? Well why not give the rest of us a chance to find out for ourselves?
  • TMI (Too Much Information) – There’s nothing worse than following someone on Twitter who just needs to share every little detail of their daily lives. So you just put your PJ’s on and are ready for bed? That’s great, but we really don’t need to know.
  • Sales Pitch – Twitter has enough advertising segments as it is, unless you have a Twitter business account don’t try drive sales through your personal account. After all, that’s not why your followers are following you in the first place, is it?

Following your Followers.


Bear in mind that just because someone follows you on Twitter, does not mean that you have to do the same. It’s a nice gesture, but “returning the favor” is not necessary and will just clutter your twitter feed. Who you follow on Twitter tells your audience a lot about your interests and your influence, so make it count.



Often you may come across content which you truly agree with, and wish to retweet. That’s fine, however passing off said content as your own, is not.

There are two methods to retweeting:

  • By clicking “retweet”, which shares the content as is with your followers, or
  • if you want to add a little something extra, you can manually retweet it by adding “RT” before the tweet and whatever commentary you may feel it needed just after.

Helpful tip: If you are hoping to be retweeted, try not to use all 140 characters, that way others are able to add commentary of their own, if they see the need to do so.

For more social media tips and tricks, or if you wish to know more about the digital world around us, why not read our Social Media section on our blog.

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