The beginners guide to HootSuite, Part 1

The beginners guide to HootSuite

Are you a Digital Marketer juggling more than one social media platform at a time? Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn the list is endless and being able to keep track of all your accounts and content can be a nightmare

Well say hello to Hootsuite, the application which allows you to streamline sharing for both business and personal use. You can now schedule and keep track of all your social media platforms under one roof. Your initial reaction to this application may leave you feeling rather overwhelmed, but not to worry as we will be helping you get started.

Getting Started.


If you were to sign up for the free Hootsuite account, you are given a maximum of 5 social media networks to work with.

The first step as with any application is to sign up, once you’ve done this and have logged in HootSuite starts by taking you through the basics.

The green tab shows you all the networks you are currently connected to, as you can see in the example below our LinkedIn profile is currently the only platform we have listed. Depending on the platform you choose, you are given plenty of different tasks to do. For example, Facebook’s options include; News Feed, statuses, events and wall posts.

The beginners guide to HootSuite


Hootsuite does not only allow you to choose from company pages and profiles, but also allows you manage your personal profiles and groups you are a part of.

For all you avid Twitter users out there, you will find in the top right corner of the screen that HootSuite offers a quick search feature which allows you to search for the latest happenings on Twitter, this feature will also monitor what is currently trending around the globe.
The beginners guide to HootSuite

Posting on your networks.


Having to use all these social media platforms under one roof is tricky enough as it is, it is for this reason that HootSuite has made things as simple as they possibly can. At the top of the page you can create a new post which can be sent to any number of your social media platforms.

You simply type your out your post and select the platforms you wish for it to be posted on.


The beginners guide to HootSuite

Additional features are found just below the text box such as, attaching images, scheduling the post for later, adding a location or even changing your privacy settings.

Hootsuite has even gone as far as to add a URL shortening tool right there below the text box! That is definitely some forward thinking.

Scheduling your posts.


Possibly the best feature HootSuite has to offer is the scheduling tool used when posting on your platforms. This feature is located below the text box.

The beginners guide to HootSuite


This feature allows you to plan ahead and keep your account actively posting in a few quick and easy steps. Simply select the date and time you wish to have your post up by and click on “Schedule” when the post is ready.

This concludes the first part of our HootSuite how to, if you know of any tips and tricks, or maybe there are certain things you might be stuck on, leave us a comment and we will be sure to assist you however we can.

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