Some of The Best Uses for Tumblr.


Before we get started on the best uses for Tumblr, lets get a little more familiar with what it is. Before social networks, there were blogs. At some point along the way blogging without any real effort became what was called microblogging, now Tumblr is a mixture of both incorporating microblogging with social networking.

You are able to share an array of multimedia which interests you on your Tumblr account, and if others like or share the same interests as you they will then follow you on Tumblr to be able to see what you are sharing as it is shared.

Now, onto some of the best uses for Tumblr.

Making new friends.


On most social network sites you know at least one other user which is why you joined the site in the first place. Now Tumblr does not work in the same manner. Much like Twitter you are able to join the social media platform and make new friends by following them.

With Tumblr you are able to follow any user which has not blocked you, making it easy to find people around the world with the same interests as you. Tumblr has even gone as far as to have a means of which you are able to indicate to other users that you are open to communication. They have done this by adding a “My Ask Box is Open.” This indicates to other users that you are available to speak about shared interests, offer advice or to simply have a heart to heart.

Create a Portfolio.


Tumblr has a pretty straight forward UI, as well as customizable themes, makes it the perfect place to put your work on display, call it a digital portfolio if you will. If you were to use Tumblr in its standard form it is the perfect platform to display your works of art and designs to prospective buyers, it does however also have a tagging feature which will help employers or fans find your work.

Tumblr is also very popular amongst web comic designers. Users then get the updates as they are posted right to their feeds, as opposed to physically having to visit a website to get your latest fix.

Create different blogs.


As mentioned before, Tumblr is a microblogging platform, so why not create a microblog of your own? Here are three types:.

  • Photography Blog – Whilst most Tumblr users post a variety of multimedia on their profile, quite a number of users choose to select one type of format in particular, such as photos. Plenty of Tumblr users choose topic specific photo blogs and label them things like ‘food porn’ where the topic of the blog is solely for beautiful foods.
  • Travel Blog – Many people who go abroad, especially students like to create blogs of their travelling adventures for their followers to enjoy along with them. This is a great way to record memories for you to revisit later in life. There are even travel and location tags which are ideal for others who wish to visit great places and experience amazing food.
  • Business Blog – The number one rule for any business in terms of social media is to create a brand presence for your consumers to interact with should they feel they need. Whilst Tumblr is not the best platform to market your product, it can helps sales as potential customers will share your product with their followers if they think its cool.

If you know of more uses for Tumblr please share your thoughts, we like to hear from you.

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