Social Media Pop Quiz.

Social Media Pop Quiz

It’s high time we do something a little different, so today we’ve put together a fun Social Media Pop Quiz. Do you consider yourself a social media junkie?  Well let’s see how clued up you are really?

To make things a little more interesting, a few of these questions will come from our past social media related posts, so I hope you’ve been paying attention.


Lets get down to it.


Question 1


What is Facebook Edgerank used for?

A. Decides which stories appear in the news feed.
B. Decides which pages you might be interested in.
C. Used to suggest friends to you.
D. Used to block offensive content on Facebook.

Question 2


Put these social media sites in order from most popular to least; Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Myspace and Pinterest.

A. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, MySpace, Pinterest.
B. Facebook Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, MySpace.
C. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, MySpace.
D. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIN, MySpace.

Question 3


Whats is the number 1 benefit of having Social Media incorporated with your business?

A. Brand Recognition.
B. Generating Traffic for your site.
C. Engagement with your customers.
D. Keeping up with the latest trends.

Question 4


After how many likes does Facebook grant you a Vanity URL?

A. 35
B. 50
C. 25
D. 10

Question 5


Who is the most followed person on Twitter?

A. Barack Obama
B. Lady Gaga
C. Justin Bieber
D. Katy Perry

Question 6


What is the maximum number of characters allowed on one Twitter post?

A. 165
B. 150
C. 145
D. 140

Question 7


Why are the primary colours of Facebook’s design layout blue and white?

A. Mark Zuckerberg is color blind.
B. These are Mark’s favourite colors.
C. To offer a calm feel on Facebook.
D. To represent the sky and “the cloud” (a popular Internet Hosting term)

Question 8


What is YouTube’s slogan?

A. Be yourself.
B. Broadcast yourself.
C. Broadcast everything.
D. Connect Everything.

Question 9


How many “friends” does the average Facebook user have?

A. 140
B. 130
C. 150
D. 160

Question 10


Which is the second biggest search engine in the world?

A. YouTube
B. Google
C. Yahoo
D. Bing

Now is the moment of truth. Are you a Social Media Prodigy? Or do you know as much about Social Media as you do about Quantum Physics? Let’s see by tallying your scores.


Social Media Pop Quiz

The points are in and some of you might just need to pay more attention to the world around you. To put things into perspective for you, we’ve rated you under three classes…


Media Mayhem. Score 0 – 3

Social Media Pop Quiz

So social media is not your forte, don’t let this get you down, pop in to our offices and we will be more than happy to help you on the path to greatness. In the meantime, why not read any number of our posts on Social Media.

Shyfully Social. Score 4 – 6


Social Media Pop Quiz

You did alright, social media may not be a part of your daily routine. But, if held at gunpoint, faced with a social media question that could save your life, we think you stand a fairly good chance of walking out alive. But just to be sure, maybe you should get clued up on all things Social Media.

Socially Superior. Score 7 – 10


Social Media Pop Quiz

This is about the time where you throw everything you have on your desk up into the air and brag ‘cause when it come to Social Media, boy do you get it!

We hope you enjoyed today’s quiz. Leave us a comment on how you scored, or if you have any quiz ideas of your own, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Snowball – Connecting Everything.

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