If you haven’t heard of it yet allow us to be the first to shed a little light on the app Snapchat. This app first made its debut in September 2011, from then till now it has generated a whopping 100 million user, with more than 350 million photos shared a day!

Now with that much attention you can be sure other larger companies will be wanting a slice of the Snapchat action, and who was the first up to the plate? None other than Facebook, who offered them an astounding $3 billion for the company, to which Snapchat replied with a rather surprising no. I guess they too know just how much of a gold mine they are currently sitting on.

So, how does it work?


Snapchat is a photo-sharing application, now I know what you must be thinking “uhm, anybody heard of Instagram? Well, you see Snapchat has one key feature that sets it apart from the rest. Once you send a photo, it disappears forever moments later. Seconds after opening the “snap,” you can no longer access them, Snapchat has even gone as far as to deleted them from the company’s servers.

For those of you who wish to keep the image you received, there are ways around the image disappearance. You could screenshot the image, but theres a catch; when the receiver does a screenshot, the sender is informed. I guess if you really wanted to keep the image without the sender knowing you could always photograph the phone with another camera.

How do you get your hands on this app?


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