The importance of Facebook optimization

Facebook optimization

By now we all know how important having a Facebook business page can be for your company. However, once you have one up and running, what are the best practices for optimizing one?

Acquiring your Vanity URL.


So you now have your Facebook business page and you starting to gain more likes, next thing you know you’ve got 25 likes! Facebook then turns around and rewards you with a custom “vanity” URL. What this means is your Facebook URL changes from (for example) to, or whichever you wish to change it to.

Tip: Make sure that you include your business name in the URL, or if that isn’t available, what your business is about.

SEO usage in your Facebook page profile.


Using SEO in your Facebook page content, is much the same as using it for your blog or website. The first step is to identify the keywords. The best way to find out what these are is by asking yourself, “What are people searching for which i am selling? And what words are they using in search to find it?” Make sure you that these keywords are placed in your about section, in your company description and in your mission.

Tip: A good SEO practice is to create headings within your text and include your keywords in them.

Add your address to Index for local business.


Facebook optimization

Facebook recently started doing updates to its Nearby feature, allowing users to search on their mobile phones for local business. Even though adding your physical address may seem like an obvious one, there are plenty of businesses which are choosing not to put their physical address on their Facebook page profiles. Even though you may operate predominantly over the web, local business is still a gold mine! There is nothing wrong with optimizing so that when local customers are looking for what you are selling, they will find you.

Tip: Make sure the marker on the map (powered by Bing) is on the correct spot, more people are prone to look at the map then using the physical address alone.

Linking to your Website and Blog.


This step is more beneficial to your blog/website than to your Facebook optimization. You can however use your blog to assist in optimizing your facebook page, by making sure all your blog content is posted on your Facebook business page. Using a networked blog is a great way to accomplish this, as they will automatically post your blogs on to your page as they are posted on your blog.

Tip: Whenever you update your status or share a blog post on your page, the words that you write will be indexed, but only the first 18 or so. So be sure to include the same keywords used in your blog post, in your status as well.

Try posting on a daily basis.


Facebook optimization

What would be the point of liking a Facebook page that only posts twice a month? Ideally you should try and post on your page at least once a day, but be careful not to become SPAM – no one wants a dozen updates a day on their news feed. Give your audience a reason to want to like your facebook page. It can be anything from pictures, links, news, memes, quotes, questions and any enticing content that might entice, entertain and inform people.

Tip: Whenever someone in the office comes across an interesting piece of content you should post it on your business page, this will make finding daily content a much simpler task.

These are only a few of the many tips and tricks you can use to optimize your Facebook business page. If you have any questions or tips of your own, leave us a comment below and we will be sure to help you in any way we can.

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