Facebook Graph Search, is your privacy in question?

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So Facebook has once again changed their layout and functionality, but this time around it’s not just about how it looks, its about how it works. That’s why Facebook is now proud to announce Facebook Graph Search, but some of the public have privacy issues with Facebook’s new function. Before we get into that, let’s see what Facebook graph search is and how it works.

How it works


Facebook has been using a similar feature for Facebook Advertising for quite some time now, so its no wonder they now offer a similar feature to the public. With Facebook advertising, advertisers are able to target their audience by what interests they have, whether is be relationship status, area, age etc.

Graph search is designed much along the same lines, it gives the user answers depending on the interests or search terms you use. Allow me to explain; if you were to search “Internet service providers in Cape Town, Western  Cape”, you will get a list of all Internet service providers which have filled in their physical address on their business page (Definitely something all businesses should think about when creating a Facebook business page)

Don’t you have it yet? Only users with their language set to English US, are able to have access to the graph search feature.

The Privacy Concerns


graph search

As useful as this new feature may be to the public, a lot of Facebook users feel their privacy may be in jeopardy. Users feel that others may so quickly and easily access their personal information now, that it may be an invasion of privacy.

Don’t get me wrong, if your account is set to private, it shall remain that way, however only people who knew your name were able to find your profile, whereas now, if the interests are public, they are able to find you purely by search for what you like.

What does this mean for you…


As with any social media / chat site, there are constantly privacy concerns with all users and Facebook has possibly the highest number of said concerns. Facebook constantly updates and changes their privacy settings regularly to help accommodate for all their users. So as the roll-out of Facebook graph search continues, privacy settings will be strengthened and updated to keep their users happy.

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