Bitstrips – The latest craze on Facebook.



Im sure you’ve all seen the latest “fad” to hit our News Feeds on Facebook, namely Bitstrips. The idea behind it is to create personalized goofy comics about your daily happenings and sharing them all over your timeline. This week we will take a closer look at bitstrips and how to create your own Avatar. Enjoy!

Getting the ball rolling.


Visit their Facebook page to get started.Bitstrips

As with most Facebook apps there are mobile apps available too through either the App Store (for Apple users) or from Google Play (for Android users)

Creating your very own Avatar.


Now this part of the process may seem a little daunting, as it can take up to 2 hours to create depending on the level of detail you wish to have. From facial hair to body types, this app has it all! They even go as far as to having your most recent photos displayed below the avatar creator to use as a point of reference.

Once you have created an Avatar you are satisfied with, it is time to move onto creating your comics.

Creating your first Bitstrip comic.


You are able to create many different types of comics namely:

  • Status comics – In these comics you are able to create one of four status types. Namely; New, Moods, Situations and Announcements.
  • Friend comics – In this section you are able to choose from three categories; Friends with Avatars, Friends without Avatars and All friends.
  • Greeting cards – Here you are able to choose from the same categories as for making a friend comic.

For the purpose of this blog post I am going to create a status comic. When choosing any of these types of comics they give you a selection of many different scenes to choose from. Maybe you want to say “Merrick-Marmite tries to be part of the it crowd.” or possibly “Merrick-Marmite is on the 5-alarm wake-up system.” Once you have selected a comic, you are able to change the text at the bottom to better suit how you would want things to be said.

The Final Result



Once you have created a bitsrip comic you are happy with you simply hit the “share” button and voila! You have created and published your very own Bitstrip comic.

The Removal of Bitstrips all together.


For those of you that find this app to be rather annoying and would much rather prefer to have these images removed from your news feed. Simply click the arrow icon in the top right of any Bitstrip post and scroll down until you get to the “Hide all from Bitstrips” and select that option. It thats simple.

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