7 Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media.

Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media

Google is by far the most popular of all Search Engines, so its no wonder that Chrome (Google’s own web browser) is the most widely used web browser throughout the world with a high of 53.2% users during the month of September 2013.

For all you Social Media users out there who are currently using Chrome as your default browser, here are a few extensions to improve your Social Media experience.

1. Instagram For Chrome


Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media


While it might not support Instagram videos, this extension is a great way to keep up-to-date with all the happenings on your Instagram feed without having to open a new window (a great way to sneak a peek at what’s going on, without having to waste much time doing so.) This extension still allows you the capabilities as if you were to visit the actual site – likes, comments, etc – but naturally you are unable to take any actual photos. This is the perfect way to sneak in a few minutes of social media distraction each day, without having to stop working altogether.

2. LastPass Chrome Extension


Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media


Are constantly creating new social media profiles? Trying out new platforms and generally just struggling to keep up with all your multiple passwords? Well, LastPass for Chrome is here to help you create and keep all those passwords strong and secure for all your login pages. This extension will even go as far as to fill out forms for you when you return to the site to login.

3. Bitly URL Shortener for Chrome


Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media


Now this one is a personal favorite. Google does have its own URL shortener (http://goo.gl/), but it will almost always ask you to type in a capcha which can be rather annoying. Bitly started out merely as an URL shortening website, but now provides analytics on those shortened links. I would definitely recommend this URL shortening extension over any other so that you can then keep track of what was successful, and what wasn’t.

4. GChat Pix


Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media


We have been sending images through emails to each other since the very beginning, so its a wonder why Google has not yet grasped the idea of allowing the same feature on their Gchat function. Now with this extension you can drag and drop an image from your desktop, into your chat field and send it just like that! To your friend it will appear as a link, but once opened it will preserve its original size.

5. TOSDR (Terms of Service Didn’t Read)


Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media


Most Social Media sites have pages and pages of terms of service, and lets face it none of us actually read any of this stuff. That is why Terms Of Service Didn’t Read decided to make an extension.  With this extension you will come across a grey question mark next to the page URL at the top of your browser which will provide you with all the terms of service for that particular site.

6. Buffer


Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media


This extension is used for queuing tweets and Facebook posts, i mean you don’t want to bombard people with multiple posts at the same time do you? Many sites offer a Buffer share button, but if you are interesting in using this service at all, the extension is the only way to go.

If you were to connect your Buffer extension to your Bitly one, you can then add a URL shortening feature when posting, pretty cool hey?

7. Hover Zoom


Chrome Extensions to improve your Social Media


Now naturally we save the best for last, this great extension you are able to open a larger version of a thumbnail image just by moving your mouse over them. These pictures include Twitter profile pictures and Google search images, but the coolest of all is it even enlargers GIFs on Facebook. When usually you would need to click through to see one, Hover Zoom does it for you.

If you know of any other amazing Chrome extensions drop us a comment, and tell us what this extension does for you.

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