10 Reasons why Social Media is beneficial to your business

Create, Share and Engage.


One of the biggest mistakes a small business can make is to think that social media is for teenagers and every other bakery with cupcakes and pink tassels. Many companies lose interest when it doesn’t bring them viral marketing success overnight, but these days everyone and their mothers are using some sort of social platform and the point is if you’re not there, you’re losing out on business.

Social Media

Here are 10 reasons why you need to start getting sociable – fast.


1. Engagement with your customers

We’ve learned that social media is basically a plethora of small conversations around your brand. People are finding so many more ways to make social media a part of their  everyday lives and if you want to get in on the action, you have to be present where they’re spending their time.

Without a strong presence, you’ll not only appear un-tech savvy, but you’re leaving a gap for your competitors to swoop in and steal this golden opportunity to get involved.

TIP: Always be transparent when conversing with your consumers online. If you’ve made a mistake, acknowledge that you’ve got their message and you are working to resolve the issue. Stay connected with your audience and keep them up to date. This will improve customer service and help you keep a squeaky clean reputation.
2. Brand recognition
 Social Media


Marketing for dummies has already taught us that you need to be where your clients are. Social Media networks enable your company to reach millions of potential customers in places where they are already spending their time. Naturally they will start to notice your brand the more they are exposed to it. If you are honest and transparent about your motives and you offer content of value, users will start trusting your brand.

TIP: Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and create content that YOU would like to see and read about. It is not always about how many blogs you churn out per week or how many special deals you throw at your consumers, but the quality of information or product that you are offering.

3. Increase your real estate on major search engines

Social MediaAs we all know, Google Social Search went live in 2009. This means that from then on, Social Media had an influence on what is displayed on the search result pages. If you were looking for a cool new Italian restaurant in Cape Town for example, you’d start looking online wouldn’t you? Google is likely to now reveal the social media pages of area restaurants, such as Facebook or Twitter. Review pages such as www.eatout.co.za will are also likely to pop up so you can see what friends and other peers thought of that eatery.

Creating social profiles that are rich in keywords and have high quality content can help generate traffic to your social media pages and also your website.

TIP: Find 2 or 3 Platforms that are best suited to your marketing strategy and focus on them, rather than trying to be present on all of them and doing a 50% job on each. Quality is King.

4. Generate traffic to your website

Social Media

By linking your Social Media pages to your company’s site and creating interesting content that prompts users to take action and engage with your brand, you can generate more leads to your website. You need to create a “buzz” around your brand.

TIP: Link your social media platforms to your website by placing icons or “widgets” on specific pages of your website. This will allow for easy sharing when users like what they see and want to spread the word. They will become brand ambassadors for you.

 5. Niche Marketing 
Let’s face it. Everybody is getting tired of the same old marketing dribble that is spewed out by faceless corporations. People don’t want to see senseless campaigns that bombard you with information that is not applicable to you. Spamming is a big no-no, yet so many companies indulge.

By using social media, you can create a personalized brand voice for your company and connect with your clients in a manner that speak to them directly – based on their specific interests and demographics.

Social Media allows us to create viral messages to target people specifically according to pages that they like, websites they find interesting or what they have purchased previously.

TIP: Target your campaigns very specifically instead of broad shots in the dark (unless you’ve got an unlimited pit of money). More and larger audiences isn’t always better. The more narrowed-down your targeting is, the more likely to make an online sale or newsletter sign up.
6. Monitor your brand

By being a part the online conversations around your brand and actively engaging with these users, you have the opportunity to lead the conversation and what is being said.

E.g if users are complaining about your company on HelloPeter.com or Twitter, you can respond to that comment and steer the conversation in a positive light – saving your reputation and kicking your customer service up a notch.

“Thank you for your feedback, Mr. Meyer. We apologize that our product didn’t meet your expectations. We have informed our Customer Services panel and will contact you shortly with details of your refund. Have a wonderful day”

See? It’s that easy. You are merely showing that you have an interest of the customer’s opinion and that you hear what they are saying.
7. Making your events, well… EVENTS
Social Media

Facebook allows you to post events and share the occasion with peers. With offline media you can easily lose an invitation or flyer and forget about the event. By creating an online event you can digitally track the RSVP’s, share the event virally and create a big “ado” about your soiree.

The event is already logged into their calendar until they RSVP and always visible where they spend most of their time.

TIP: Other users can see when peers have confirmed to attend an event. This will also encourage friends to attend when they see that trusted affiliates are joining. Create personalized events that are enticing to clients.

8. Everybody is involved and taking part
Nowadays, even the older generations are actively integrating Social Media into their daily lives. Nicole is looking for a new job as a Marketing Manager and has tweaked her profile on LinkedIn. Mary Ann has started a new Wedding Coordination company and showcases her reception layout on Pinterest. Even Dad organized a weekend at Sunset Safari, because he claimed a special deal on Facebook Offers.

The possibilities are endless. If you’re not in the game, you’re losing out on big business.

TIP: Do not expect overnight success and 1000 likes on your Facebook Business Page in the first week. Creating and managing social media pages and platforms takes a lot of effort, human resources and a reasonable budget. Put the work in, because it does pay off in the end.

9. Consumers trust peer recommendations

Would you marry a man your mother does not approve of? No.
Do you buy a tight fitting dress if your best friend hates it? Absolutely not.
Are you getting that no-name Xbox from the China store that works just as well as your best bro’s, but he laughs at you? No chance.

People trust what their friends, family and a credible source has recommended.
With social media almost anyone can see what you are interested in, what you endorse and recommend to others. Grab this opportunity to spread the word virally.

TIP: When composing Tweets or Facebook posts, include a call to action. This will prompt your users to spread the word. Ask them to leave a comment with their opinion, share the post with a like-minded friend or simply to “like” the post if they agree with the statement. Works like a charm.
10. Fantastic market research with a small budget

Gain insight into what your customers find useful, silly, expensive or boring.
At very little cost, you can gather information and delve into the intricate mind of the fussy shopper. Ask them to participate in online polls and in turn, reward them with discounts or prizes.

TIP: You can put up a Facebook post and ask consumers to share their opinion about your products and get a voucher for 15% for taking part in the conversation. You can make these deals exclusive to users on your specific social platform and keep them interested.

Still not buying it? Get in the game digital doubters. Social media is the future of online marketing and once you get the hang of it, you’ll reap the benefits of this cyber gold mine.

Create, Share and Engage.


Works like a charm!

Drop us a comment below and say if you are a social media whiz or prefer to keep it old school by calling people on the telephone 😉