10 Different Facebook Stereotypes

10 types of Facebook users.


With 1.06 Billion monthly Facebook users, of course there were bound to be stereotypes made. And here they are, from The “Thief” to the “Liker”, i’m sure we’ve all come across at least one of these Facebook user types.

The “Lurker”


Facebook Stereotypes


They never seem to post anything or comment on your post, but will set their newsfeed to “most recent” and look through everything! The only place you will see these people is on Facebook Chat, yet they will never socialize in the chatroom?


The “Hyena”


Facebook Stereotypes


The name of this particular Facebooker speaks for themselves, they never have much more than “LOL” or “ROFLMAO” to say on anything on Facebook. Even at times where laughter isn’t necessarily deemed appropriate.


“Ms Popular”


Facebook Stereotypes



Ever had one of those friends who have 1000+ friends on Facebook? The kind where you meet them once in a club and the next day you have a Facebook invite? Yes, we’ve all had those…


The “Gamer”


Facebook Stereotypes


Farmville, Bubble Witch Saga, Mafia Wars, Virtual Cake bakers, Virtual Coffee’s you name it, Facebook’s got it! What they also have is the gamer, as all he does on Facebook is interact with fellow Facebookers, but only behind the security of some form of online flash gaming.


The “Thief”


Facebook Stereotypes


Ever made a status that you’re really proud of? You read that post and think “Wow, people sure are going to like this.” What you don’t expect, however is to see that same status pop up somewhere else, on someone else’s wall, with them taking the credit.


The “Promoter”


Facebook Stereotypes


So its Monday morning and you already have event invitations for next weekend? 8 invites all from the same person? You, my friend have seen first hand what a promoter can do. Even though some of the events fall on the same day, and most of them aren’t even in an area near you, they will still persistently send you invitations.


The “Liker”


Facebook Stereotypes


Never actually says anything, but always clicks the “like” button. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where someone has said something you genuinely “like”, but you get those few individuals who have no better way of communicating then by hitting the trusty “like” button.


The “Anti-Proofreader”


Facebook Stereotypes


This person would benefit greatly from Spellcheck, and sometimes you feel bad for them because you don’t know if they were typing too fast, or really can’t spell. You don’t have the heart to correct them, but you hope that deep down they realise that they are not spelling it correctly and will one day get it right.


The “Drama Queen”


Facebook Stereotypes


This person always posts stuff like “I can’t believe this!”, or “They’re gonna make me snap today!” – in the hopes that you will ask what happened, or what’s wrong. Be wary though, because once you’ve opened that can of worms, it will be tricky task to get them to calm down…


The “Womp Womp”


Facebook Stereotypes


Try as they might, but funny is not their strong suite. You will constantly see them making “funny” posts, or adding “hysterical” comments on other peoples status updates. But ultimately, you hearing crickets from the peanut gallery.

I’m sure you all can relate to certain aspects of any of these stereotypes, I find myself to be a combination of a few, not just necessarily one. But at the end of the day Facebook is there for interaction, regardless of how you choose to do so. Either by hiding in the shadows and reading up on peoples daily lives, or hitting that “like” button a few more times than you care to admit. We’re only human, and all have our own way of doing things.

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