Snowball Highlights of 2013

Snowball Highlights of 2013

As another year comes to an end we thought we would take the time to look back at the Snowball highlights of 2013 and milestones we shared in 2013. Join us as we look back on the year and all the great things we have achieved.

The start of 2013.


Snowball reopened its doors on the 3rd of January 2013 to get started for the new year, all the staff were energized and ready after a great vacation to take the new year by storm!

Our Pinterest page

Social Media should be a big part of any business, and even though we have our fair share of social media platforms we thought to take it one step further and create our very own Pinterest page.

New prices released 1st of March

March was a big month for us as we drastically reduced our prices to offer our clients a more competitive service. You can see exactly which products these were by clicking on the following links:

The upgrading of our Helderberg High site.

Wireless Internet is given by means of connecting an antenna to one of our high sites. It is for this reason that constant upgrades are needed to be done to our high sites to ensure that we can offer our clients the best possible speeds available. As our Helderberg high site is one of the busiest we own, we decided that it was to be the first high site to be upgraded for the year. Clients were very pleased with the new speeds they were now receiving.

Snowball Golf Day

In May this year Snowball participated in its first ever Golf Day! Drinks were flowing, golf balls were flying and specials were offered. All in all the day was a great success. Our Snowball golf team even won an award for most interesting team on the course, not what we had in mind but we still had a great laugh.

Staff training at AFRINIC

Our CEO is a firm believer in furthering one’s education for the good of not only the company, but the employee as well. It is for this reason that our technical team was sent on a INRM & IPv6 Training course at Afrinic. It was a great day of learning which they all enjoyed and couldn’t wait to go on the next one!

Snowball Charity Drive launched 1st July

We at Snowball believe in giving back as much as we can to help those less fortunate. We have a few charities which we sponsor throughout the year, however this time we thought to do things a little differently and started a charity drive which ran for the month of July asking all new and existing clients to donate any old clothes they may have to the drive and stand a chance at winning R1000 worth of internet.

The release of our New Snowball video

The guys over at Third World Beauty came to us with an interesting proposition, why not create a video to showcase what it is we do and how we go about doing it. Thats exactly what we ended up doing and the result? Well, take a look.

Snowball represents at The Reef Boland Body boarding Champs

Our Head of Infrastructure Morne Laubscher is a very talented pro body boarder who is constantly doing competitions and heading to the next big event. So naturally we saw this as an opportunity to support him as best we can and it is for that reason that we represented at this years Reef Boland Body boarding championships. Guess it worked as he went on to take home third place. Well done Morne!

Relaunch of our website

Our marketing and development teams sat together for many months with one goal in mind; the complete redesign of our website. There were many late nights, disputes and redesigns but the final result was worth it all! Don’t you agree?

Hip Hip Hooray! Its our birthday!

We share more than just a mutual love for the internet with the global Tycoon Google, we share the same birthday too, down to the month. So this year we decided to do things a little differently as it was our 15th Birthday! We gave all new clients who signed up during the month of September the chance to win an Apple iPad mini. As you can imagine the response was overwhelming!

Art meets IT event

For years our CEO has envisioned a harmony between beautifully painted landscaped and nudes and the world of IT. Naturally we then thought who would be the best person to pair up with and chose none other than Vernon Swart. Wine was poured, art was appreciated and our very own data centre got given the spotlight for the evening. All in all it was a raging success! Maybe again next year?

Close of business 20th December 2013


As with everything even the best need a break every once in awhile and that is why we will be closing today (the 20th of December 2013), but not to worry as we will be back in the new year on the 6th of January ready for 2014!

Thank you to all our clients for your continuous support,  we hope you all have a great festive season and we will see you all in 2014!

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