Climb into our time machine

Looking back on 15 years of achievement.

Climb into our time machine as we go back and share some beautiful historical events that took place to form and mold Snowball into the success story it is today.

 an abbreviated history of Snowball

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The seed is planted

Eugene was inspired to start his own business in 1997 when he discovered a software program called FrontPage. He contacted his brother Storm to design a logo for this new conceptual company called Snowball Effect.

FrontPage allowed them to publish the logo and a web page to the WWW. They were hooked!


Snowball was officially started on 1 September 1998 when Eugene and Storm decided to pursue their dream of building their company. The first data centre was a converted garage and operated on a 33K leased line. Initial services were hosting and e-commerce. Most of their first clients were family and friends. At one stage the 33K leased line sustained 50 mailboxes and over 30 websites!

The first Snowball website went live on 1 November 1998 and Snowball became part of the greater Internet. Here are more of the milestones:


Collaboration with older brother Toerie to build an Internet Cafe, called “SnowCafé”

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Employed their 3rd Employee, Lana Groenewald – their very first designer.


Click on the link way-back machine link below to see what the website looked in the new millenium.


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Registered over 2000 domains


Focussed on Marketing – bought a Smartcar and got it branded with the company logo


Started using MikroTik for routing, Linux for firewalling

Dec 2003 Started offering wireless services

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Built their first high site on Papagaai Berg, Stellenbosch

Started offering ADSL services


Moved from the house in Die Boord to Data Voice House in Technopark.
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Built a new data centre by converting offices.
Connected infrastructure using fibre






Automated hosting setup by implementing Plesk control panel helping Snowball achieve much greater economies of scale.


Set up 30th wireless high site at Maastricht

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Implemented a dedicated billing system allowing even greater automation.

Initial BEE certification


Stopped using Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) and Microsoft Exchange.

Converted all documents to Google Docs.

Best software return on investment made to date.


Over two thousand radios (antennas) installed.


Moved to Capital Place in Technopark

Snowball joins Facebook

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Built 3rd data centre from scratch featuring fully redundant aircon, UPS, telco facilities, biometric access control, and power to each cabinet

DC fibre installation


Converted Windows desktops to Ubuntu


Virtualized entire hosted infrastructure


BEE level xxx certification

Awarded tender to design and install Cape Winelands District Municipality wireless Wide Area Network covering Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington, Worcester, Ceres, Robertson, and Montague.

Over the last 15 years, Snowball grew from strength to strength, focusing on exceptional client service, nimble systems, and personalized support.

Thank you for all the continuous support throughout.



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