Tips and tactics to keep your employees motivated.

keep your employees motivated

A recent survey done by monster worldwide found that 70% of people are more likely to look for new job opportunities at the beginning of the new year. That is an insanely high percentage of people and the best way to combat this is to ensure that you have happy employees who enjoy getting up and coming to work every morning.

To help you achieve this we have put together tips and tactics keep your employees motivated and help boost morale and ensure that your employees are happy and wanting to stay for many years to come.

Give Your Employees the sense of “Ownership”


Lets face it, no one likes to be micromanaged. People tend to be at their best when they have ownership. Now i don’t mean give them physical ownership over something, but rather let them do things their way (within reason). Give your employees tasks and guidelines, but allow them to solve and do these tasks in their own way.

A perfect example of this is a company in London called Hire Space, they give their employees the opportunity to create their own workspace. Whether they wish to stand or sit, have plants or paintings, its entirely up to them! They did this due a study which found that having control over the layout of your workspace increases productivity by 32%.

Get Your Employees to Socialize with One Another.


Its easy to go to work and only speak to those who work with you or are in your department. Maybe your company is growing quickly, or has multiple departments to the point where some employees don’t even recognize each other – but it is essential that they know and engage with one another. As we are in the digital era there are plenty of applications you could use to encourage employees to connect with one another.

To name a few:

For larger companies try a weekly video conference. Yes, it might temporarily slow productivity if you have the whole team in one big meeting, but on the plus side, they get a chance to see what other departments are working on and how everyone’s contributing to the overall mission, which also feeds into the sense of ownership.

Feedback, feedback, feedback.


Most people dread their yearly performance reviews as its the only time out of the full 365 days that they get to know what it is they are doing right and more importantly what they are doing wrong. It is better practice to rather do weekly informal “check-ins”, and formal quarterly reviews as then your employees (as well as you) are up to date and informed on what needs improving and what is just right.

Also remember, feedback is a two way street. Its always good practice to let your employees know that they too have a voice. If something is bothering them they should come to you or management about this and not bottle it up until you simply cannot anymore.

Let us know what tips and tactics you can think of to improve the morale in the work environment.

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