The dames of Snowball – where exceptional is the rule

As Women’s Day is in the month of August, we would like to introduce the exceptional dames of Snowball. First up…

Samantha Da Silva

dames of Snowball

Job Title and Responsibilities:
Sales Administrator

If Sales is the name of the game, then Sam is your go-to-gal! This little fire cracker is in charge of new sign ups (among many others) and for a good reason. She’s a whiz with the clients and knows just how to get even the toughest customer to sign on the dotted line.

Samantha talks a little about herself…

I would love to build an office in the middle of Japan that is attached to my house. It’s one of my biggest dreams in life. I consider myself as someone who LOVES laughing and being silly. Maybe I could actually get my birth certificate amended to Samantha Silly Milly Jacqueline da Silva! Everyone that knows me has said that I laugh unbelievably loud, but I can’t help it! I’ve even tried to change my laugh, but it only seems to get worse every day!

I have a 5year old daughter called Abigail. Sunshine to the max! Like mother, like daughter I would say. When things get heavy, I just turn to her photo on my desk and smile away.I am 26 and I still feel 18. Ain’t nothing taking over this great feeling!

What the team has to say:

“I find Sam to be consistently hard working, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile.” – Rudolph Maritz

Jennifer Moss

dames of Snowball

Job Title and Responsibilities
Service Coordinator

Alas this beauty is not our own. Jenn hails a n IT company called Pilbeam (UK based organization that specializes in IT support, application technology & support). We are lucky enough to have her within our ranks, working hand in hand with the Snowball team.

Let’s hear what Jenn has to say…

I live a bit of a secret life after hours…my name is Jennifer, and I am a thespian. If you ask any of my theatre friends, they’ll say they can’t believe I work in IT, and if you ask anyone at the office, they’ll say they can’t believe I do theatre. I guess I save all my shenanigans for home time! I’m busy rehearsing for a musical called Guys and Dolls, going on at Artscape in October. I play the leading role of a Mission Sergeant who falls in love with a gangster, That ol’ chestnut.

I am a stereotypical redhead – hot tempered, with a freckle for every time I’ve lost my cool (I like to call it: getting “dramatic”). I love pink, biscuits, tap dancing, and false eyelashes. My dream vacation is a never ending one, and 70% of the words I say are said in a silly voice. Unless I’m grumpy (see stereotypical redhead explanation).

Fitting into the puzzle…

She may look like a delicate flower, but Jenn can certainly hold her own. With her desk placed right in the middle of the Technical department, she is always ready to have a good laugh with the boys. With amazing blogging skills and a vast knowledge of social media, Jenn is the who’s who on most things digital.

What the team has to say:

“Jenn is the fashion mogul of Snowball Effect. Every morning at 9am, I look at the front door waiting to see what she has in store for us today.” – Merrick Rowe

Leandre Knoetze

dames of Snowball

Job Title and Responsibilities:
Operations Manager

Leah is one smooth operator, let me tell you. She is one of the few people we know that handles intense pressure and responsibility with great ease. Aptly nickname “The machine”,  there is nothing this woman can’t do. We are proud to call her a part of the Snowball team. Whether it is coordinating staff events, managing payments or keeping everyone in check, Leandre is known for depicting mother hen with a cure for absolutely everything.

What makes the machine go?

She was born in Kuilsriver, went to HTS Bellville and studied at the University of Technology. Leandre is a definite lover of  all things sports and married her best friend Riaan Knoetze in 2009 – they both work together at Snowball today. Her favourite colour is Pink, and she can not live without her ultimate fashion accessory, heels.

If you were to just mention the words Game of Thrones and she will be putty in your hands! The woman is crazy about that show.  A few other favorites include; The King of Queens, Heroes, The Game and even Law & Order. If you ever need to get her a gift, stop at the local bookstore and pick up anything crime or drama related – those are her definite must-reads.

The apple of her eye is Alexis Nicole Knoetze of course – this adorable little one became a part of their lives on the 10th of June 2013. Congratulations guys!

What the team has to say:

“Leandre is always cheerful and manages stressful situations with ease.” – Paddington Chidziva

Joane Lensley

dames of Snowball

Job Title and Responsibilities:
Client Service Administrator

This bombshell is a hardworking and unique individual with a cheerful and positive perspective on life. Never have we found someone who is as dedicated to her job as Joane. Whenever you need to sort out some overdue invoices or update your internet package,  Joane will attend you your every need in a quick and professional manner.

Let’s hear what Joane has to say…

I’m currently going through a big change in my life and devoting everything I can to my sons. I’m a mom of two kids and spend all my spare time with my boys. If I can’t take them with me I don’t go anywhere! Simple as that. Family means everything to me!

I love the thrill of speeding, as that is how I get rid of my stress. I hate it when people are slow-pokes. I can walk around the mall every day and buy nothing, just to get out.

A fun fact about me is that I have not been to the movies since January 2008. Can you believe it?  I listen to Afrikaans music, watch NCIS – LA, CSI, Ghost whisperer and True calling. I’m a very picky drinker and can’t stand smoking. One day I will have my SUV and a big house close to the beach with a big garden for my sons.

What the team has to say:

“Joane is (like any other member of the staff), such an oddball. Very friendly and very good at what she does. I always enjoy her stories of her arb teen days 🙂 Truly an interesting woman to have around the braai.” – Lindy Eksteen

Lindy Eksteen

dames of Snowball

Job Title and Responsibilities
Marketing Coordinator

Social Media Marketing? SEO? Come again? These concepts may be foreign to you, but not to our Lindles. Hailing from good ol’ Bredasdorp, this lovely lady means business. As the head our Marketing Department, there is very little she can’t do in the digital world.

Lindy loves to talk

I am in love with all things culinary and my stomach is just a never ending black hole.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest in my personal time and eat way too many fruits and veg for my own good. I am a huge disliker of office gossip and the fact that I don’t have DSTV at home. I’m going to marry Emile Hirsch one day and we’ll live in a gingerbread house on one of the hills in Stellenbosch with one son that can play the keyboard, but who is also good at math and hockey.

I hate it when people walk slowly in front of me in a mall and I don’t like crumbs under my feet in the kitchen. If I could punch anyone in the world it would be Nicolas Cage because he just has such a skinny and bleak face that should be kicked in for good. That, and that he never smiles, ever. Favourite movie is Gentleman Bronco’s and Disney’s Aladdin.

I’ve broken my collarbone and once had my big toenail ripped off by a doctor (who was incidentally my first boyfriend’s father). I’ve never bought a coca cola in my entire life (honestly), but many a sack of biltong. I live with Kris my boyfriend who has a lot of chest hair and I’m OK with that for the first time. Delivered, grown and incarcerated in Bredasdorp for 18 years, until I joined a dance and drama school and toured the country, before settling in Stellenbosch for a few years.

Age: 25. Smoker: Yes. Believer in loyalty and lover of pajamas at 6 o’clock in the evening.

Her colleagues said:

“Lindy is a silver lining to any dark day. A team player on and off the pitch, coupled with a heart of gold.”
– Dean van Zyl.