Rudolph Maritz

Rudolf Maritz

Helpdesk Engineer (Technical Dept.)
21 Years on Earth


Rudolphus, Dolphie, Rudie, call him what you like, but this boy knows the meaning of turnaround time!


This red-headed marvel is a real early bloomer and
new addition to our Tech department. With his collected
manner and can-do attitude, Rudolph is living proof that
quiet waters do run deep..


We asked him a few questions to initiate him into the
Snowball family. His quiet, gentlemanly manner made
the interview very pleasant so we’ve added an extra
scoop on Mister Maritz.



Where were you born?

In Bellville. And no, I’ve never met Jack Parow. At the same time, I kinda love and hate the guy.

Jack Parow

The ever-so-controversial Mr. Jack Parrow

What is your favourite pastime on weekends?

 I absolutely love to get on my mountain bike and go riding in Jonkershoek. The most thrilling thing is to discover new routes and trails! (we agree with you there, son. We’re so lucky that our offices are in gorgeous Stellenbosch!)

If you could play alongside any actor in any movie, who would you want to act with?

That’s easy! Alex O’Loughlin in Hawaii 5 O. Mainly because it was actually shot in Hawaii (obviously I’d love to be in that tropical environment) and the movie is just so action-packed!

What is your ultimate favourite sport to watch?

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (we were quite intrigued that it wasn’t the usual soccer / rugby fascination. Apparently the shows that Rudolph watches, doesn’t feature on DSTV, so he streams it off of his laptop in case you were wondering)

Of course everyone loves music, so what would you say is the best band ever?

Led Zeppelin is a classic and an old favourite of mine.

What is the fastest speed you’ve ever driven?

 240km/h on a Honda CBR 500RK (laughs loudly)

If you have to take anyone in Snowball out for a bro-date, who would it be and why?

Definitely Johan Roux. He is such a philosophical person and I’m sure will give you great insight on life. I like the fact that he’s so interesting.

What was your favourite computer game when you were 13 years old?

Without a doubt, San Andreas!

Rudolph Maritz favourite game

Rudolph’s favourite game


What if we told you that you could meet anyone famous in the IT industry and have lunch with them, who would you choose?

Surely Andy Rubin. He’s that dude from Android


 Rudolph says he’s wanting to travel to Bora Bora if he strikes it big in the National Lottery and is planning to win very soon. We’ll be watching e-TV for you, Dolfus and we’d like you to buy us golden slippery slide for the office like Google has in Zurich. Thank you.


Rudolph Maritz

Rudolph’s winning the Lotto with his lovely lady, Tante Hester

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