Dean van Zyl.

Dean van Zyl

Network Engineer [Technical Dept.]
22 years young

Strongly dislikes slow internet connections and listens to metal on days that he isn’t involved in some sort of heated debate.

Dean van Zyl is one of the fastest growing young dynamos in the company and has shown tremendous progress since he started here in Feb 2012. An avid gamer (Dota 2) and master of Technical Support, Dean’s customer service far exceeds anything we’ve ever seen and ALWAYS goes the extra mile – even if no one promised him a chocolate Steri Stumpie.

His celebrity crush is none other than Angelina Jolie and his first kiss was with a girl named Nicolette at a lake in Somerset West. He was adamant not to reveal the age of his local beauty, but we shall have to assume that she was of legal age.

Dean is particularly proud of engineering a Mikrotik failover / load balancing router and says he enjoys the server administration aspect most in his job at Snowball.

He is an eager supporter of inter-office dating and despises unenthusiastic, one-armed hugs. (we are behind you buddy, that stuff is insulting!)

Since we have come to know and love Dean – one can not help but wonder where this oddity has emerged from and what makes him tick.

Turns out that Dean is as local as wine here in Stellenbosch and quite the Jack of all trades for that matter. He is a sportsman of note (including Squash, Athletics, Tennis and Jogging – I believe to be pronounced with a soft “J”), worked in hospitality and has an enormous passion for all things IT.

He only been with the company for close to a year and already made his mark with excellent Tech Support and client services.
Yup people, this stallion is out to stud! Keep an eye out for Dean when you come for a cup of coffee at the offices. He’d love to meet you and solve your problem at hand.

Marriage material this one…


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